Why can I only Pre-Order?

There are many reasons why ZERU Guitars decided to go this route.


When you buy an instrument you may not realize it, but you are investing in the brand that makes that instrument.

ZERU Guitars wants you to have something most people DO NOT.

We are not a company that is ever planning on producing thousands of guitars to stock in every store around the world devaluing your purchase, and making your instrument seem less special in any way.

Reducing Waste

Part of being a modern guitar company in this day and age means we have to be consciencious of the materials we are using and the amount in which they are used.

Resources are finite and we would prefer we only make enough as needed to be kinder to the environment.

Tight Knit Community

This guitar company is small but growing. In order to maintain our steady growth and insure that each guitar is performance ready when it reaches you, our plan is pre-order and made to order structure. This way can quality control the instruments at a level most companies dont have the oppurtunity to do.

Its our hope to receive feedback from customers and implement new tech and improvements in our instruments as we progress. Everyones input is important to us, and while we realize that no guitar is absolutely perfect for every player, we intend on making the best guitar we can.

We plan on endorsing smaller up and coming artists that share the same passion as us and hopefully in the future give back to the community that supported our growth.