Justus Hajas

With his guitar in hand and passion in mind, Justus Hajas is a young artist who aims to ignite a fire. At just 20 years old, he is a virtuosic self-expressionist with an innovative vision for music. To Justus, music is a powerful tool for healing, learning, and confronting personal traumas. Drawing from his own experiences, he has created a unique and accessible blend of genres, incorporating elements of modern rock and experimental guitar into his sound. Born out of Brantford Ontario, he got accepted into Berklee College of music, Justus instead completed his college degree on a full scholarship for guitar performance at the prestigious school Metalworks Institute. With the Launch of the VOID Series one artist came to mind that would use all the capabillities that this guitar had to offer. After many talks about the guitar this is what we settled on for the first Justus Hajas Signature VOID Model ZERU